Corruption and My Thoughts
This picture is of Rashtrapati Bhavan, from my delhi visit, The gates were closed that day and this picture resembles to me that, all the bureaucrats and public representatives from top to down are gone corrupt, and  India is being run by this thieves who are using their power for personal benefits and somewhere in all this the real spirit of India is lost. At one point of time its was a land of harmony and prosperity but now its a land of corruption, poverty and land of wars for some.
Anyway it is a general perception (or just I believe that its a general perception) that 95% of the bureaucrats and public representative are corrupts and holding their position for personal benefits and benefits of their relative and loved ones.
Just want to write about a small incident happened with me during one of my visit to Govt. Dept. I had a some application to be made for one of my client so I filled up the form online and took a print out which is to be submitted to the Govt. Dept. with the other supporting documents and proofs. I don’t know the general time period taken for that application to be processed but as per one the the official I interacted with, openly told me to get my application processed in 30 Minutes, but now a days I prefer not bribe anyone so told him to take the normal time to process the application, so then suddenly he behaviour became little rude, anyway as a consequence the officer told me to come back after 3 days and inquire about the application.
It will be done in 30 minutes for an extra Rs. 500 (the Bribe) and if not paid than its 3 days with no assurance for your work getting done.
So that was my first hand experience and actually as eye opener that introduced me to the level of corruption in India. Normally this kind of things never bothered me earlier but now the things have change. I am about to explore my career in an area which regularly deals with the govt. officials and this people make your work harder and harder if you don’t bribe them, so how to deal with a situation where you won’t be able to perform well just because some govt. official is not ready to do your work just because you are not ready to bribe him. Anyway this is a major ethical dilemma on my head for couple of days to come.
The first thing that came to my mind that, I should have one of those Video Recording pen which are being sold on T V Commercials and the funny thing that came to my mind was not to give the tapes to media or anti corruption bureau. I wanted that clip to shown to that person, blackmail him to do my current job and and all my future work without any bribe and recover the cost of pen from him or even more money from him for not giving the video to media or to anti corruption bureau.
Anyway that was just the initial thought not my actual plan.
Jayesh Rawal

2 thoughts on “Corruption and My Thoughts

  1. Yes, corruption is rampant in India. Not only is it rampant but acceptable too. I agree with your dilemma of not knowing how to counter that issue all together. But we should learn to shoulder the responsibility too. Somewhere down the line we're at fault too, don't you think?

  2. Guess what… I Visit the same office today, unfortunately without the video recording pen. The certificate was not ready and I might have to visit him again, But this time I openly asked what does it take to get it faster and how fast… he said if there's not much rush he can get it done in 5-10 minutes otherwise it may take upto an hour.

    And I was like "WTF" and now you want me to come back again after 2 days. So I told him that this certificated is required for one my close relative and I am not earning anything, I assured him a cut on my next job, than he told me that as his senior has to approve the certificated who at that point was not present, so he'll get my job done asap.

    Hopefully I can expect to get it done by tomorrow. But just imagine how can somebody work expect other people to work honestly when you come across such govt. officials.

    For a person who is just doing his business, who just want his work get done ASAP, for him time is his money. If he do not bribe such officials his cost increases tremendously and to save hard earn money they are forced or blackmailed to bribe this officer…

    For this job can be done in 30 min and Rs 500 to 600 but now as I have not bribed him it cost me almost 1 and Half day and some additional cost of travelling.

    So just think who is wrong the official who forced (may not ask)or indirectly blackmailed the other person to pay bribe or the person who gave the bribed so that his cost reduces and he save some of his time.

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