INDIA - Are We on Right Track
This picture is from the market area of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. We had some free time on the last day of our Dalhousie Trek. So we all decided to have a look at few places in Chamba, The museum we supposed to visit was already closed so we had a long walk in the market area, it was just an usual market but this man was quite unusual, he decided not to use the toilet which was free at that point of time and spoiling the little clean place next to it, and one of my friend said “WTF” and I was like “This is India”.
Anyway I was listening to the Victory Speech of Mr. Barack Obama this morning and it was good to listen to, his primary focus was on Good Education, Good Health Care and Equal Opportunity. Although America is facing few problem nowadays but still the living standard of an average american is very good. America is far ahead of India in terms of Education and Health Care which are the most primary requirement for any one.
Why India doesn’t have such Education and Health Care even after an Independence of more than 55 Years, do we lack in knowledge or it is something else. According to me knowledge is not the problem, we actually have lack of patriotism in our self, we lack love towards our country, we lack in number honest people in our country. On Independence day, Republic Day, India Pakistan Cricket Match Day, Social Gathering and Parties you feel the most patriotic person in the country, but on 31 July, 30 Sept and lot many similar different dates the Patriotism get’s lost somewhere, few of you may be wondering what this date means, this are the dues dates to file your Income Tax Return and pay your Tax dues.
I come across many such people who are liable to pay tax, according to their actual income, but do not want to pay a single penny as a tax to Govt., on asking why I usually get this “Saale chor hain, sab kaa jayenge” (All are thieves, will steal the tax money as well), this is for all the Politicians, Govt. Officials and Bureaucrats. Another reason – “What we get in return – poor public services, poor education system, poor healthcare and above all, corruption in daily life” but I feel its still better than Afghanistan.
But what is the reason behind such mass level of people thinking the same thing for all the Politicians, Govt. Officials and Bureaucrats. I feel, that is because of the we our self lack in Patriotism and Love for our country. When we don’t have that kind of Love and Patriotism towards our country,  we don’t expect others to have at the same. This is not the only reason but, this reason is reason enough to make another reasons bigger.

Just ask yourself, what we think when we hear about a army personnel losing his life for the country.

When someone can risk his life for his country as a general public we are just ask to pay taxes.

Where are we Going Wrong ?
When people don’t want to pay their direct taxes they feel a pinch when Govt. collects it by imposes stringent tax laws and Indirect Taxes. But the real pinch is felt by those who were paying their taxes honestly, and because of those who are not paying their taxes correctly, the burden on the honest and poor increases due to indirect taxes.
And this gets worse when the honest starts evading taxes and the chain reaction make it more worse.
The thing that add fuel to this is corruption, especially at the higher level of the Govt.
What Needs to be Done ?
We desperately need a drastic change in the mindset of the general public and for that we need lots of good politicians who can change the perception of the Govt. among the general public but at the same time the general public of the nation should realize their responsibility and duties.
I think paying taxes is better than living at a place like Afghanistan.
I mentioned Afghanistan because when Taliban took over it, they never had any tax system, as a result of no tax revenue, there was No Govt., No Law. That was the effect of having no taxes.
Fuck – How can you right so much on this and that too by taking side of tax department.
-Jayesh Rawal

2 thoughts on “INDIA – Are We on Right Track

  1. Yes, we Indians are socially ill. You're right when you say that the lack of patriotism is made apparent during times of paying our taxes.

    Yes, we need someone good to show us the way. There were some who tried but the bureaucracy ruined them. Killed them would be more appropriate, actually. Satyendra Dube, for instance.

    The only idea where we differ is your interdependence on politicos! You genuinely believe that a good politician can do right and live to tell the tale? I sincerely doubt it mate. And even if that's not true I'd rather put the blame in my own hands and correct myself rather than wait for someone else to correct himself first.

    About your Afghanistan connect let me just tinker a little on that light bulb. Afghanistan today has been made synonymous with violence and illogical backwardness. That is not the making of the people. If you honestly believe that the current situation there is because there wasn't a tax system you're so so mistaken!!!

    The Americans gave birth to the Al- Qaeda, to a certain Osama bin Laden and to a failed state which once thrived on its opium trade. They did it to drive out the Soviets. But that is a part of another story!

    Also, please never compare India to the USA! American is their mother tongue man! Speaking English is no measure of their Education. Statistics show that Americans are going from bad to worse when it comes to their Education.

    Anyways, technically speaking there is just one more point that I'd like to point out. The United States was freed from the British Empire in the year 1776! Do the maths. It's 171 years older than us mate!

    We have the potential to go greater than them. But we are busy fucking ourselves!

    PS: Coming from a fledgling Chartered Accountant I should've guessed you're going to try and link everything with due dates and filing returns 😉

  2. As far as America is concerned, I was just talking about standard of living, quality and reach of education and health care system in the country and I believe India have enough resources to become better than america in those aspects.

    Further only on Tax aspect (not on right or wrong things), when Taliban took over Afghanistan, they could have established them self in a better way if they had implemented a Tax model in the influencing areas of the country to raise money for funding their activities, rather than encouraging the farmers to grow drugs to raise money.

    Every economy need money to sustain and the easy way is to raise money by imposing tax on the people living in their territory and in return they are provided with a sense of Security, better Living Standards, Health Care, Education system, Employment Opportunity and many more other aspects for better life.

    We have a sense that we do not get anything in return by paying taxes, but in real terms we need to compare the returns by comparing the amount we pay in Tax with our sense of security at the place we live and the way of living.

    This is only one aspects I am talking about, their are lot many other things that goes into running an economy or country.

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