We face many tricky situations in life and we have our own unique point of view on everything and, most of the time, we feel that our opinion on any issue is either right or logical, but some time we may not be confident enough about it or, maybe, we fear of going wrong so we consult friends and trust worthy people around us and try taking more inputs on the issue to conclude or to arrive at a final decision.
Consulting and taking opinion is the best thing one can do before arriving at any conclusion, but the issue arises when the problem is such that it can’t be discussed with anyone. How to deal with such a situation, where your mind is in a dilemma and you are not able to come to any conclusion?
When does such a situation arise?
There can be numerous ways in which such situations can enter your peaceful life, but I would like to discuss the situation when the problem is between people.
When does a problem arise between people? How does it affect and what is the right course of action?
Everyone, at least once in their life, must have had some problem with the people around them, or might have entered into arguments with friends and family, or disagreed with the stand taken by other people around us. So the problem starts because people do not agree with the each other, but this is not the main problem, the main problem is how you deal with the problem.
The problem with problems is that, there will always be some problem.
So if there will always be problems, than we need to learn how to solve those problems in a manner which does not create another problem.
I have seen people who just, to avoid arguments (one kind of problem), do not take any stand, and compromise with others or just ignore and try to avoid the thing that created the problem for them.
But, my friends, is ignoring a solution to it? I agree it will not create new problems but will that problem be solved? NO. I believe that, the problem will get worse after a point of time, where you won’t be able to raise your voice and if raised later, the results may be worse than before.
So according to me if you have any problem don’t just wait and watch, raise your voice; convey your problem to others and if that person is intelligent enough, either he will stop bothering you or will explain reasons for his actions, and you may end up agreeing with him.  After that the problem may no longer be a problem for you.
But what if there is a situation where you can’t convey your problem?
This is a little trickier situation, where you need to be intelligent enough and in such a situation it is best to look at the  situation from the point of view of that other person and try to understand his situation and reasons behind those actions and behavior which are bothering you. If you understand those reasons and situations, I don’t think that the problem will bother you much.
But sometimes, when we think from another’s point of view, we realize that the actions and behavior of the other person are generous, and are in his interest, but at the same time they are not in our interest.
In such a situation one needs of speak and explain the issues to the other’s and tell them that whatever they’re doing is probably the right thing, but at the same time they need to think of your interest as well and understand that their actions are harming you. Even after you explain the situation to them, they still choose to continue without caring about your interest then, in such situations, one needs to stand up and raise their voice to protect their own right even if such a stand creates new problems for everyone.
Conclusion: In any kind of problem, first, the person should try and understand the reason of the problem, which may require one to think from the point of view of others as well. Secondly, if it is not in your interest one should always raise their voice and take a stand otherwise the problem which you ignored today may hit you hard in the future.
Jayesh Rawal

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