This picture was clicked during my visit to McLeod Ganj, 3 Km. from Dharmshala, a place known for Tibetan Monk and home of Dalai Lama.
In world their are so many religion and culture, for me religion is just the way of living its not about Shiva, Krishna, Allah, Jesus and many other name can be added, in fact as per Hindu mythology there are about  36 Cr. (Corrected by cousin, I thought it was 16 Cr.) God and Goddess. Hard to choose any one of them.
As per my belief religion are made by people itself to live in harmony and peace, create fear of some unknown power which can’t be verified or challenged and force people to regulate them self, so that people do not do any thing that cause inconvenience to other people around, we can see in different cultures, few things are disallowed, in few they are accepted to some extent, and in some its doesn’t make any difference. Religion is just like set of rules and regulation which differs from religion to religion but the aim of all is the same, that is, people of their religion live in Harmony and Peace. I have not studied many religion but anyone can find numbers of common beliefs and way of living, adjusted from religion to religion according to the location of origin. This beliefs are just like Laws of the different countries, they all differ from each other, customized as per their requirements and beliefs but the ultimate aim is to create safe and peaceful nation and huddles free growth of their country.
But, we see after some time laws need to change, as thinking of the people changes, their way of living also changes and sometimes few old rules and regulation becomes a huddle, in such a case our govt. take the stand and think over it and make the necessary changes in the law, its not that easy, every change have to face a resistance from the people those don’t want to change. Same is the case with religion, if one look into past of their religion, they them self will find many practices have been change as per the convenience of majority people if fact changes in religion depends on what majority of OLDER and INFLUENTIAL people of that religion think. As in all religion we taught to respect and obey people older than us we accept the change without or with very low resistance.
If anyone want to write on this subject it can goes on and on, but my friends you must have got an idea about what I think about religions, every religion have some beliefs and all those beliefs have some logical reasons behind them but as “change is the only constant” sometimes the basis on which those beliefs are infused in our religion changes and those beliefs become superstition, few still believe few don’t. 
I believe only on those things which I think have a logical reason, ask myself  what ever I do is right or wrong, but sometimes we are not in position to analyse situation or beliefs and in that situation I would just say trust your religion and believe in what it says, as only because of those beliefs our religion have survived till date.  Always remember religions are their to create peace and prosperity and any reason you find to support your belief which goes against it is wrong and you need to change the way you think.

Jayesh Rawal

3 thoughts on “Religion – Peace and Prosperity

  1. Good. But the last paragraph is so unlike the Jayesh I know. Trust your religion? Since when??? I thought you stop when you can't logically conclude anything!

    Agreeing or not, the post is good… And, not to forget, long;-)

  2. Arre wah! The last paragraph was so unlike the Jayesh I know! Trust your religion??? Since when? I thought you usually stop when you can't logically explain it.

    Good post. Agreement or no, the post is good… And long;-)

  3. When I say trust your religion its only when you can't think of any logic behind the particular belief and you don't know how to deal with the situation, then the best thing to do is to trust your religion accept what it says…

    That's the typical Jayesh way… 😛

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