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Further to my previous post, I had a little discussion with my friends and what I observed that many of us doesn’t want to strain our brains, we don’t ask question to our-self, we look for easy way out, we believe whatever said or explained to us by any elder person or persons who has our trust.
I don’t what you to take example ahead in a strict manner its just for illustration. Imagine yourself with a kid, and as you know kids have some weird habit of asking weird question at a weird movement sometimes, suppose that kid ask you some question of which you don’t have any idea or you know a little bit about it or sometimes you think its not appropriate to give a correct answer and at the same time you want him to stop asking question so you explain him what YOU feel will be appropriate, it may be correct, false or partially correct so that his curiosity comes to end.
But things doesn’t end here, that kid will have those thing in his mind all life, because when you explained him whatever you thought will be appropriate, he actually believed and he will keep on believing that thing just on the faith, until he himself doesn’t discover the reasoning and facts behind that explanation and conclude its truthfulness and wholeness, I tell you my friends in some cases it takes years for them to find out real thing.
This things had happened with all of us, if you go back in past, you’ll realize many things which we have been believing just on faith of the person who explained us, those things turning wrongs or partially wrong one by one as we grow older and older.
So getting back to the point, sometimes we believe in whatever has been explained to us without any question and without any self-evaluation. Self-evaluation gives us a reason to believe in our thought.
Don’t believe in anything which is told to us, try understand and self-evaluate the things that will give us better understanding of the world around and about our-self.

Jayesh Rawal

2 thoughts on “Belief and Self-evaluation

  1. Nice write up. I see you're turning towards writing rather nicely. But trust me you'll have to read a lot to follow up your writing desires:-)

    Now about the post. I agree almost totally with your wise essay. The only minor deviation which I'd take is when you talk about how we believe our elders almost, in a manner of speaking, blindly. I agree that there are times when elders do not give us the correct answers due to whatever reason they seem fit.

    In their defence I'd just say that it is our own maturity which should be taken into consideration. Truth, in all its grammatical variations, is the best policy but not so when you talk about an elder giving insipid answers to a child who wouldn't be able to grasp the truth. Sometimes it is the right way to find your own path. The western world believes that parents should talk about sex in a nonchalant way so that kids do not turn out to be prudes. The Indian manner of thinking is rather different. They believe that if a pure and rather intimate thing like sex between a man and wife is made common place that it is discussed across the dinner table it might lead to the child not taking sex seriously and considering it along the same lines as, say smoking or drinking, and not feel the least bit guilty of his banging someone else instead of his lawfully wedded wife!

    Of course this is just an example I used to juxtapose my belief with yours. There are a lot more ideals at loggerheads for something so intricate to be discussed and concluded so easily.

    Once again, a good write up.

    Siddiqui F.

  2. In the example what I want to point out is that, we listen and read about many things from many people and books written by good authors, Articles in newspaper and from many other sources, My point is just that you take inputs from all, but try to analyse the same on your own and give your own perspective and thought about it rather than just repeating what you have heard or read, without applying your mind and I want every to have their own view on the issues they come across.


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