This picture was clicked on the way to Chamba from Khajiyar (During my trek at Dalhousie). This little girl was making tea, to sell it to people trekking, and the father, standing upright in the picture, was cutting wood. I hadn’t asked him to stand like that – it was the his reflex on seeing the Camera, I think.
I don’t know why but this picture always catches my attention every time I browses through my old pictures. And, just to mention why I browse old pictures? Because it’s been a long time since I have clicked any nice pictures and now I desperately need a good camera to get started.
Capturing a nice movement, gives a different kind of satisfaction, as if that amazing movement, scene or situation whatever it is, will always be their with you, a feeling of “its been captured” and can be shared with family and friends, stories can be made and told !!!
Anyway hope to buy a good camera in near future, until stupid mobile camera is fine…
By the way about the tea, it wasn’t that good but still the memories of that movement tingling my taste buds with strange and refreshing taste of that strange tea… and it gives a nice feeling on thinking about it 😉
Jayesh Rawal

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