This one also from my Dalhousie Trip, lots of pictures from that trip because I haven’t been to any other exciting trip after that and I also don’t have hands on any good camera, anyway this one is also one of the favorite snaps, the happiness on the girls face is just because someone is clicking her picture, its very normal for us since we got hands on cameras in our cellphones, it must be different in small villages.
I remember my childhood when there were no cellphone and you can see your picture only after you have clicked all 36 photograph on the film roll, anyway those were old days.
I had bought some fifty candy’s on the way when I saw children’s greeting us on the way, but the number of children I expected was very less, I had to buy lot more on the way (more than 100 I guess) and even those were not enough. But I got to see lots of smiling faces on the way… 🙂
Jayesh Rawal

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