The Hidden Place - Mumbai
This pictures are from my recent visit to Elephanta Caves near Mumbai, there is high possibility for many of you may get surprised, as you may have visited Elephanta Caves but have not seen this places anywhere during your visits.
During my first visit to Elephanta Caves, me and my friends decided to visit the small village behind the caves and we came across this beautiful views. That day only I decided to visit again to explore the place furthermore, which was left unseen during the first visit due to time constraint.
Luckily during my visit this time, it was drizzling, which made the environment place simply awesome. I think it was one of those best days to visit this place, I did miss one thing during the visit, but I think it has to be that way, anyway I enjoyed the visit and have some of the awesome pictures in my collection to display which were clicked by my cell phone.

Jayesh Rawal

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